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Salon Oil Cleanse Half Body

Sensitive skin? Acne? Try this wonderfully gentle, ancient cleansing method.

  • 45 min
  • 70 New Zealand dollars
  • Pearn Place

Service Description

Exfoliation is a common practice because, due to skin oils, dirt, makeup and other elements, our skin often has a greasy film over it that sticks dead skin cells, dust and dirt to our bodies. Exfoliation should gently remove this whilst stimulating the healthy skin to keep our pores clean and our natural barriers strong. All in all, exfoliation can improve our skin health, produce a radiant glow, eliminate dirt and discourage acne and blackheads. In reality, there is nothing wrong with the oils in our skin, but we use products that cause our skin to overproduce oil and this leads to spots and acne, discolouration, premature ageing and So why do we use gritty exfoliants, to clean our skin, or harsh cleansers, that damage the skin? We have been sold the idea that these cheap to produce products are worth more than they are. This leads to a cycle of treatment that can only be improved by buying.....yes, more skin products. How does the Oil Cleansing Method work? Oil dissolves oil, so putting a high-grade oil on your skin will dissolve the solid oils on your skin that trap the dirt and block your pores. Getting the right oil is crucial as not all skins react in the same way. This oil is massaged into the skin making sure it can penetrate deep into the pores and hair roots. Then we use an Ancient Roman method of scraping to remove the majority of oil from your body. This also removes dead skin still stuck. The Romans used to use metal scrapers, but these days we have access to a wide range of materials and I often use softer plastic tools. It is important to use something that doesn't irritate your skin. Then a warm cloth is used to gently wipe down to ensure no excess oil remains. If you are up for it a cold cloth is then used to ensure that the natural oils have a chance to firm up, reducing the amount of dirt that can get into your pores.

Cancellation Policy

Everyone's plans change, even mine! That's why there are no pre-payments and no cancellation penalties. You can cancel online or in person right up to your appointment time.

Contact Details

  • 0204 019 3341

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