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Willow and Water Massage has Moved! (and Expanded)

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Bigger, Brighter, Cleaner, Quieter

After months of threatening to do it, and months of being told to do it by many of you, Willow and Water has moved!

Massage in Northcote

Readers, this has not been an easy transition, nor a short one. The intention was to open over a month ago. What follows is the Saga of Willow and Waters hunt to provide massage in Northcote, in new premises!

Alright, not a Saga, just a brief explanation...

In my hunt for new premises, I realised there was a door I walked past in Northcote Central that I had never seen open. I wondered what it was and found a real estate agent who told me it was an abandoned barbers shop. My curiosity peaked, and I investigated. It turns out it had been empty for a year but looked like it hadn't had any upkeep for 40. Oh how little did I realise how close to reality that 40 years was.

Rent negotiations went surprisingly well and I came away with a steal and walked into the premises with a plan, some tools, and a jaunty step. I left with my plan in tatters, my tools, and an awkward shuffle.

So after the property manager fixed the electrics, the plumbing, the flooring and dealt with the surprise asbestos it was time to go back in with my plan, my tools, and a jaunty step!

In all honestly, who puts glue on walls? In sheets? With SWIRLS? And punches holes in the walls and hides them behind furniture?

Anyway. We are here now and even though it isn't quite finished, with some painting and decorating still to be done, it is now most definitely cleaner, bigger, brighter, quieter, and nicer smelling than my wee little room next to the hairdresser.

Where am I?

I am now at 22 Pearn Place, Northcote Central. Up the stairs to the left of the 123 Dollar Shop.

What's happened to the pricing?

Pricing is frozen till September, so take advantage of my ever-great pricing, excellent service, and lovely new premises.

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