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​Treating Mind, Body and Soul

Your first choice for massage, skin-repair and wellness.

Professional wellness treatments as a holistic means of promoting wellbeing and health.

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What is Willow and Water

Willow and Water provides quality services to maximise your wellness and performance through personalised therapies.

Started by James Morris after a lifetime of work in Complementary Therapies, an interest in the science of beauty and membership of the Royal Society of Medicine, Willow and Water is the culmination of a life's dream to provide the best personalised treatments to all at prices more usually found in the mall.



5a Pearn Place, Northcote, Auckland, 0629

020 4019 3341

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Do you suffer from a Chronic Health Condition?

I have years of experience in dealing with numerous chronic health conditions so please don't assume you cannot enjoy or benefit from massage. Fibromyalgia? Ehlers-Danlos? Diabetes? Arthritis? No Problem. If you are not sure, ask.