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100% New Zealand Sourced
100% New Zealand Formulations
100% Natural Ingredients
100% New Zealand Manufactured

Willow and Water offer a range of top of the line products at affordable prices.  Whether you know exactly what you want, or need a bit of help choosing, there’s something for everyone.

Essentials Skin Care Line:

Do you want something simple? Then our Essentials line is just for you. It will still handle all your skincare needs, but with fewer ingredients and excellent maintenance results. All the important stuff in an easy to use range.

Spa Skin Care Line:

Better than the best. That's a promise. Top of the line ingredients in concentrations proven to be safe, but in greater quantities than the popular skincare companies care to use. Why? They cut costs, we absorb them.

Eye Serum

Eye Serums

These Eye Serums are powerful, with a lightweight formula, allowing them to supply active ingredients by penetrating deeply into the thin and delicate skin around the eye.


Facial Lotions

These lotions are light, rapidly absorbed, and carry active ingredients to the parts of the skin that need them the most. Noticeably younger-looking skin by reversing the turn of time.

Relaxing Bath

Body Washes

A range of high moisturising Body Washes. Choose from a range of fragrant oils, whether you want exfoliating or deep hydration. Our range is wide and you deserve at least one of them.

Body Conscious

Body Lotions

For when you don't have the time for Body Butter. Our Body Lotions are designed for faster absorption into the skin but still carry a punch when it comes to hydrating your skin.

Facial Cream

Body Butters

Our Body Butters maximise ingredient penetration into the skin while providing the excellent barrier properties Body Butters are famous for. With the same choice of active ingredients as our other formulations, Willow and Water Body Butters provide more than other formulations.

Smooth Shiny Skin

Cleansing Lotion

Willow and Water only sell one Cleansing Lotion. After several formulations, we have found one that works for all skin types and have yet to find a need to change it. If you think differently, contact us and we will create something just for you.

Products: Products
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