Slimming Masssage

The phrase 'slimming massage' can be misleading. Is it going to directly contribute to weight loss? In short, no. However, slimming isn't just about body fat and that is why we offer more than one slimming treatment.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage is one slimming technique currently in use. It can stimulate the removal of excess fluid in the body, which automatically translates to reduced weight.


Anti-Cellulite slimming massage also has visible benefits. This type of massage is designed to reduce the amount of cellulite in the subcutaneous tissue. This helps reduce stored toxins, reduces the size of legs and abdomen and also smooths and improves the tone of skin. 


Massage will also reduce cortisol levels, commonly referred to as the stress hormone, but it is also responsible for weight gain. 


The massage itself helps improve blood circulation, which means your muscles can exercise for longer due to the higher oxygen provision.

The treatments and prices

If you have concerns about cellulite you should consider the Anti-Cellulite Massage before the Lymphatic Drainage Massage. You should only consider the Lymphatic Drainage Massage if you suffer from mild Oedema or water retention.


Anti-Cellulite Massage lasts for half an hour for £35 to an hour for £65. Contact us to discuss how best we can meet your needs. Typically legs, bum and tum would take 45 minutes and cost £45.

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