Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

There are many reasons why you might want a skin rejuvenation treatment. Maturity, smoking, sun damage, scarring, weight loss and pregnancy. We have designed our skin treatments with you in mind.


We use chemicals extracted from natural sources and is more subtle than other more aggressive approaches such as laser therapy.


This means that our approach may not be the best for everyone. however, we are so confident of our system, if you have a consultation with us and we see that our treatments may not be the best approach, we will refer you to a specialist clinic suitable for your needs at no charge.


There are two stages of the skin treatments. The first step is rejuvenation, where healthy skin is restored and then the maintenance phase, where the healthy appearance is maintained. During the course of treatments required to rejuvenate your skin, you will also receive advice on the second phase.


Each treatment is different depending on your needs.


Typically, mature skin will have irregular pigmentation, some redness and lines. There may be uneven or dull skin tone.


Sun damaged skin often requires much deeper work with surface pigmentation being only an indicator of more extensive damage. Sun damage also speeds up the skins ageing process.


Scarring is caused by the collection of fibrous tissue from the healing process.


Stretch marks (I call them tiger stripes, they are evidence of hard work on your part and the name should reflect that) are caused when the skin rapidly stretches causing the middle layer of skin to tear, allowing the deeper layers to show through. 


Each one of these causes requires a different approach and you will have your own individual needs. After an initial consultation, I will develop a treatment plan for you consisting of several half-hour sessions. These sessions will involve both the treatment and advice on what to do between sessions and how to maintain your skin after the sessions have finished. The plan is for you to be able to maintain your skin without any further input from me.

The treatments and Prices

Each half-hour session is charged at £40 except the consultation session which is free.


The number of sessions will vary depending upon the individual, but is very rarely below eight and should ideally be at least twice a week.


As the products are custom made for your skins requirements they are not available for sale, so I will work closely with you to ensure you have the right products for your future skin regime.

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