Roman Oil Body Cleanse

In the Roman times they used a skin cleansing technique that used an olive oil mix, rubbed into the skin, then scrapped off with strigils (spatulas). This is an amazing way to clear your skin of impurities, exfoliate that dead skin and it leaves you with a wonderful glow. Incorporating massage techniques to rub the oil into your skin and then a variety of strigils are used to remove the oil (along with dirt, dead skin and other impurities). Afterwards, have a hot shower or bath and marvel at how amazing your skin feels! To my knowledge we are the only providers of the full body oil cleanse in Britain and the only one to incorporate it into a massage. If you want something unique, then this is it. If you want you can go the extra roman mile, use aromatic oils, have your feet pumiced and have a rejuvinating facial massage.

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