Roman Oil Body Cleanse

Exfoliation is a common practice because skin oils, dirt from outside, makeup and other assorted elements, our skin often has a greasy film over it that sticks dead skin cells, dust and dirt to our bodies. Exfoliation should gently remove this whilst stimulating the healthy skin to keep our pores clean and our natural barriers strong. All in all, exfoliation can improve our skin health, produce a radiant glow, eliminate dirt and discourage acne and blackheads.

So why do we use gritty exfoliants, like sand, sugar, salt or walnut shells, to clean our skin? Simple. The cosmetic industry has sold us the idea that these cheap to produce products are worth a lot more than they actually are. Instead of simply exfoliating we are causing abrasions to our skin and causing our body to produce more oil. This leads to a cycle of exfoliation and oil production that can only be improved by buying.....yes, more skin products.

You see, a good part of exfoliation is scraping. And when we use a gritty rub, we aren’t really scraping all our skin. Sure, we think soap or cleansers will “get it”, but the reality is quite different. It is possible to get products for a deep exfoliation, but these products are often quite harsh and require...even more skin products for your use afterwards.

So how does the Roman Oil Body Cleanse work? Firstly, there is the oil. more oil on our skin? Yes! Oil dissolves oil, so putting a high-grade oil on your skin will dissolve the solid oils on your skin and blocking your pores. This also releases all the dirt that has built up as well.

The Romans used to use metal scrappers, but these days we have access to a wide range of materials and I often use softer plastic tools as well as metal ones. It is important to use something that doesn't irritate your skin. 

As the body is scrapped, it is also cleansed, wiping away all the old skin, dirt and oils. After wiping it is important to have a warm (not hot) shower without any cleaning products. If you can handle it, turn the water down really cold to solidify the natural sebum that occurs in your pores and as much as possible air dry your skin. 

Now stand back and look at that lovely healthy looking skin and marvel at how amazing you look!

When booking a treatment, if you have any requirements, make sure you bring them up during your consultation with the therapist who will be happy to accommodate you.

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