Lifestyle and self-care coaching


You often hear a lot about maintaining the right work-life balance, but for most people, this is a flawed ideology. Attempting to maintain the work-life balance is often as stressful as how you led your life previously. Why is that? partly because of the idea that 'work' is some form of sacrifice taken from the rest of your life. Well, what if you really like your job? What if home is more stressful than work? 


More importantly, what if work-life balance is not the issue that you should be addressing?


Life is a stressful arena for all of us. Pressures come and go and often surprise us. We often find ourselves running through life without pausing and making sure that we are ok. We can help you find the mental space necessary to ensure that you are looking after yourself, mentally, emotionally and physically. Who are you going to be looking after if you don't look after yourself?


Our coaching techniques are designed to first ensure that what you need is the same as what you want. There is nothing worse than going for a goal, only to discover that you were aiming for the wrong one.

I will help you work through your life goals, then help you integrate them so you work towards the one goal that really counts: A life that makes you happy. 

The treatments and prices

Coaching sessions are one hour long and cost £100. Depending upon your needs, these sessions could be weekly or bi-weekly. We try to put in place goals very early on (in the first or second session) so that you know how long your coaching will take. An absolute minimum of six sessions will be required and you will be given homework to complete between sessions. If you do not do the homework, then you may need additional sessions to take this into account. 

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