Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Using a combination of classic massage strokes moving towards deeper muscle work this treatment is designed to increase blood flow to targeted muscles instigating the bodies own healing process. The aim is to reduce muscle tension, release trigger points and release myofacial fibres thereby restoring elasticty and flexibility. It is ideal for treating aches and injuries as well as posture issues and improving overall flexibility.


If you require a holistic massage as well as deep tissue work make sure you discuss this prior to the appointment. Due to the high level of training of required by Willow and Water, if there is a requirement for some deep tissue work during a holistic massage this can be incorporated. However, if you require specific deep tissue work for chronic pain, injuries or joints then a deep tissue massage is prefereable.

The Treatments and Prices

As each treatment or series of treatments is based on the individual case, we recommend starting with a half hour session at £35, unless you already know what needs treating. After an initial session, we will have a better idea of what your full requirements are and can then work out a full treatment plan. In general, you should expect around six sessions, one per week, though this can and often does vary. If you are given work to do at home, for example, this could extend to six sessions, one per month.

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