Baby Massage Training

Baby massage has many benefits for both baby and the rest of the family. For baby the benefits are clear. A massage can reduce crying and fussiness, help them sleep more peascefully and reduce some of the common causes of crying such as constipation and colic. In addition, when you massage a baby you stimulate the nervous system to tell the brain to produce serotonin and less cortisol. As a result the baby's heart rate and breathing slow down and they relax.


Massage is good for baby's emotional wellbeing as well. "Affectionate touch and rythmic movement are among the most powerful forms of communication between babies and their parents, so they're great ways for you to bond," K. Mark Sossin, PhD, Pace University, New York City. This can help make you feel more in control and help you read your baby's signals, respond better to their unique needs and help you feel more confident in handling them. Other family members can take part and bond with baby. 


There is also a strong indication that massage is good for babies and younger children with special needs as it is another avenue of communication with them.



The Treatments and Prices

The training session is an hour long and two adults can attend for each baby. The price starts at £70 for the hour and increases by £20 for each additional baby with one or two adults. There is a maximum of four babies per class. Please make sure that you have the space and the soft surface available for baby to lie on. The massage training lasts an hour but the actual training will not take up the full hour. Babies are not necessarily the most patient of clients and time will be taken to talk about baby, help individualise the massage and simply take time out for baby to have a break if necessary.


Due to research into the use of various oils and mediums showing the large majority cause skin problems such as eczema we are currently only using and recommending  Johnson & Johnson Head to Toe. Researcher Dr Alison Cooke University of Manchester and her team have found that so far this is the only medium that is neutral to a baby's skin. When further research is available we will update our advice. 

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