1-on-1 Meditation Training

The method of meditation that I teach is the western method, not the eastern. Therefore you can expect something different. Firstly, western meditation goes back many centuries to the origins of Judaism and continues into Christianity, Islam and Sufism. Does this mean you must be religious to learn about Western traditions of meditation? No. Does it help if you are spiritual? Definitely.


Does it matter that the origins are Judaic/Christian, but I am of another religion or not religious at all? Nope. A lot of the methods that western meditation use are thought to have been common among the older religions of the west, such as the Norse, Celts, Picts and others. It can even be used as a precursor to shamanic experiences. This is why the Inquisition rooted out the old methods of meditation from the church as it is believed that the original middle eastern methods had been in part supplanted by methods from the pagan religions. 


I teach meditation through recitation, seclusion, contemplation, mantra, reading & speech, acknowledging the unknown.





I only train in one hour or longer sessions, but only the one hour sessions are bookable via the website. Please call for extended sessions. The one hour sessions cost £60 per hour. Longer sessions are discounted.

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