Helpful information for your treatment

From our very first visit, we can assist you with the most important aspects of the therapy you need, offering continuous advice and support as well as individual programmes for you to follow at home. The following page outlines key information on our practice and therapies.

What if I have needs above and beyond the average client?

We have yet to find a client we cannot cater for. However, due to the bulky nature of the equipment, we can be limited in what we can provide. There might be occasions when we have to ask to borrow a pillow/cushion or two. We will provide everything else.

Treatment Consultations

Your first appointment may involve a consultation so that you receive the best treatment possible. If you book further or multiple treatments, then you may also have further consultations depending upon your requirements. All consultations are free. Please read more about them on the Complimentary Consultation page.

Your first appointment: what do I do? More importantly, what do I wear?

It depends upon the treatment you are having. It goes without saying that for a massage you will need to uncover the area that is to be treated. If areas of your body need to be uncovered, then they will always be draped by towelling during the treatment unless they are being worked on.  At the end of the day, no matter your reason for the massage or treatment, you must be comfortable in mind as well as body, so as long as it doesn't prevent the treatment from going forward and it makes you feel more relaxed, then wear it.

What do I need at my home?

At a minimum: A space in which you are not going to interrupted by children, partners, friends or pets. The area should be a minimum of 3 metres by 2 metres. It should be warm and it should have lighting that you are comfortable with. If you cannot provide these then please let us know beforehand so I can prep accordingly.

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