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Hi, My name is James Morris, Owner and Lead Therapist of Willow and Water. I have been involved in complementary therapies for almost thirty years. Born in 1972, my interest started at the age of seventeen with essential oils and over a few short years progressed to massage and meditation. I didn't enter into complementary therapies professionally for many years as I was still under the impression that I was supposed to be a success in the academic and business worlds. In my spare time between studies and a career that left me unfulfilled, I still learned about different alternative therapies. As it turns out some were no better than snake oil (and continue to be pedalled today). Some have real and impactful consequences and have withstood scrutiny by the medical and scientific communities. It is these I have continued to study and implement over the last few years, culminating in my own company, Willow and Water and membership of the Royal Medical Society as a Senior Fellow.

The companies mission statement is "A fulfilled life for all".


Why is that important to you? To provide a treatment that fulfils you not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well, requires that I am also fulfilled at the same time. After all, you don't want a jobsworth or someone who doesn't enjoy what they are doing coming to your house do you?


I also ensure that you are fulfilled in the products we use. I do extensive research into materials used for our treatments and source our products from the best we can find. For example, all our citrus oils come from Menton, France which is famous for the quality of its lemons and other citrus products. The beauty products are shipped from China as I have found a company there who provides the perfect blend of plant-based, organic products we need.


Most companies put one or two plant-based products into their creams, lotions or serums for sales purposes, but the majority of the product will be man-made chemicals. These aren't always as good for you as they could be so unless there is a good chemical reason for a man-made product, I won't use it.


I will always provide the time to talk to you and discover what your needs are before every treatment. if you don't want to that's fine, but with most companies, the clock starts ticking the moment you walk in the door. We want you to be able to enjoy every moment of your treatment so you will always get the time you paid for.




James Morris Bsc (Hons),  Dip, CThA

Lead Therapist




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